Academic Archive

Fall 2017

EDUC 800 - Ways of Knowing

Major content: New Way of Knowing paper on Narrative Inquiry

EDRD 832 - Research. Methods, and Trends in Literacy

Major content: Content Analysis; Presentation on Narrative Inquiry

Fall 2018

EDUC 994 - Internship in Education in EDCI 569

Major content: Feedback provided to PSTs; Course evaluations; Card from PSTs

EDRS 812 - Qualitative Methods in Education Research

Major content: Qualitative Analysis Report and corresponding presentation: Experiences of PSTs in GMU's M.Ed. Program

Literacy Research Association 2018 Conference 

Major content: Graduate Student Poster Session: Reframing Literacy and ESOL Education as a Service Learning Experience; Presentation: New English Teachers' Notions of "Injustice"; Written reflection on experience

Summer 2019

Graduate Lecturer for EDUC 300 - Introduction to Teaching

Major content: All course materials including syllabus, assignments and readings, handouts, and daily agendas

Spring 2020

EDRS 822: Advanced Applications of Qualitative Methods

Major content: Module Papers 1 (Ontology & Epistemology), 2 (Design & Methods), and 3 (Quality).

EDUC 878: Intercultural Competence Theory & Research in International Education

Major content: Intercultural Competence Portfolio; Study proposal: Intercultural Competence and Good Teaching

Spring 2018

EDRS 810 - Problems and Methods in Education Research

Major content: Quantitative Research Proposal paper; Qualitative Research Proposal presentation

EDRD 829 - Advanced Foundations of Literacy Education

Major content: Term Paper and corresponding presentation: Exploring foundational notions of content literacy

Spring 2019

EDUC 850 - The Study of Teaching

Major content: Research Proposal: Experiences with Multimodal Literacy and Identity Development; Teaching Case Presentation; Presentation on research proposal and clinical experience

EDRD 831 - Theory, Research, and Practice in Adolescent Literacy

Major content: Problematizing Practice Paper and corresponding presentation: Literacy Remediation Efforts in Secondary Schools

Fall 2019

EDUC 994 - Advanced Internship in Education in EDCI 570

Major content: Follow-up proposal; Feedback provided on teachers' lesson plans

EDUC 854 - Working in Schools

Major content: Literature review on Instructional Coaches as School-based Teacher Educators

Graduate Lecturer for EDUC 200 - Introduction to Education

Major content: All course materials including syllabus, assignments and readings, handouts, and daily agendas

Summer 2020

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